The New Highlander is a place for free-flowing (and often off-the-cuff) discussion: thoughts, observations, and essays about politics and economics.

It isn’t partisan - so I’ll be calling balls and strikes as they come. But it is political, which is kind of the point!

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By way of introductory remarks…

…maybe I should let you know a little about what The New Highlander is and why I started it.

Picture this: it’s late 2020 in the deepest darkest depths of Scotland’s extensive COVID-19.

A young man sits alone in his brother’s old bedroom/home office, typing away at his freelance work while watching rolling TV news pretty much 24/7.

Suddenly he has a thought: “geez, I have a lot of opinions about things. Politics, in particular.”

“Maybe I should write them down sometimes.”

A few days later, I founded The New Highlander website. As I continued to post, I found the service I was using to host the blog too costly and somewhat limiting. So, in late 2021, I moved to Substack.

As I did, long elaborate essays turned into shorter, less-elaborate rants and Op-Eds. But I like to still keep things nuanced, so I’m committed to calling balls and strikes as I see them.